About Us

 Who we are?

iNetwork Solutions is an IT service provider located in Egypt specialized in designing, implementing and maintaining IT infrastructure targeting Middle East market, we provide reliable IT infrastructure supporting business demands and profitable IT business solutions.

Our Vision:

Our vision serves as the framework for our Road-map by describing what we need to do to continue to be an innovative leader.

Our Mission

we are passionate, determined and driven by the desire to succeed together. We are committed to our clients, their needs, priorities and successes. Build a good reputation in the field market . providing wider selection , finest quality , most affordable remodeling and new construction products to meet our customer’s unique needs.

Why iNetwork Solutions?

  •  iNetwork Solutions makes every team member an active participant in customers satisfaction. Through this method, team members understand their customers' needs then empowered to make daily decisions that meet those needs.
  • In addition iNetwork solutions has its own way to solve most of IT (information technology ) fields' problems,
  •  Depending on highest standards of analysis a problem we solve more than 250 IT issues through 2015 in different market scales and levels.
  • Also iNETWORK Solutions provides a multi functional devices that calibrate business processes such as retail machines, servers , Firewall, and much more of products that has taken a trust of many large scale business.
  •  we are Award Winner APC-Schneider Electric best seller for 2015 and 2016.

Our Team :

Our distinguished team brings quality for IT business operations and expertise in designing, planning, implementing and maintaining in the fields of IT infrastructure. Working on a diverse range of projects has proven our ability to meet time frames and deliver quality solutions that satisfy our clients’ needs. We strive for service excellence and long-term relationships with our clients. We want to make sure you have the best experience, from pre - sales, to purchasing, and product quality. Our knowledgeable engineers will help you design a custom component for your project’s requirements.

Meet the team :

Management Board: have minimum 20 years of experience handling various projects with well-known companies designing and implementation.


Network Engineers: The Network Engineering team is responsible for providing the data path for all communications, highly trained and certified team with well-known brands (Cisco, Procurve, Fortinet, etc…).


Network Technicians: educated technicians will install your infrastructure with international standards as ISO, ANSI, and TIA/EIA etc...

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